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The American presentations and events market has lots of marketing from all competitors that says:
“We’re the best. We have the best technology. We have the best people.” And so forth.

When everyone’s saying this, it just becomes white noise. Boasting and self-obsession is as charmless in marketing as it is over dinner.

Presentation Services/AVHQ were looking to consolidate their position as the largest in the US market. To position them as trusted advisors, we suggested offering a little free education in how to communicate more effectively in the live environment.

We wrote a book called ‘Show Them You Mean Business’, an impartial, no-hard-sell book of advice to take the mystery out of major presentations.

To encourage busy execs to read it on flights, event-related cartoons lightened up each spread.

The result: feedback suggests it has become a valued reference tool, creating favourable impressions for the client long after distribution.

It proved so popular that we’ve just made it into a video program.

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